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Emerging as a pandemic hobby, woodworking has slowly grown to take up a large part of my weekends. Works at various scales have increased in complexity over time, but remain an exploration first in 3D modelling, then as real life objects in my everyday environment. It strikes me as a short-span analogue of the building process, from design documents to construction itself. Here are some of the works I've completed so far.

Débutant comme un hobby pandémique, l'ébénisterie prend maintenant la majeure partie de mes temps libres. Des pièces de tailles variées ont grandi en complexité au fil du temps, mais demeure une progression depuis une modélisation 3D, puis comme objets réels avec lesquels j'interagit au jour-le-jour. Cela représente pour moi une analogie du processus architectural, des documents conceptuels à la construction. Voici quelques morceaux que j'ai complétés jusqu'ici.

Sego Turntable Stand

Inspired by Danish midcentury pieces, the Sego Turntable stand was designed to hold up upwards 200 records and the hardware to play them. The design features a solid walnut base with minimalist lines and a 4-compartment shelving unit with chamfered edges.

Materials: black walnut, walnut-veneered plywood

Domino Wine Cellar

This compact wine rack features shelves made of contrasting black walnut and white maple pieces which can hold up to 24 bottles. The lower shelves are high enough to accommodate larger bottles such as sparkling wine bottles.

Materials: black walnut, white maple, walnut-veneered

Spina Desk

Designed to create a better remote workstation, the design of the Spina desk attempts to create visual interest without cluttering the space at near the user's legs. Made from of single sheet of plywood, it remains economical while providing a sturdy work surface.

Materials: birdseye maple-veneered plywood, reclaimed pine

Ongoing & Small-scale projects

Projets en cours et de petite taille

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